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Legal Status

AAHE HAS ENJOYED THE SAME, ORIGINAL UNITED STATES 501-C3 STATUS SINCE 1969. AAHEA is a tax-exempt organisation eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions.

In Exempt Organisations Select Check, AAHEA comes under the list of Organisations Eligible to Receive Tax-Deductible Contributions (Pub. 78 data)

Legal Information

Bloggers, and other online commentators have created a form of public discourse that can be outrageous and irresponsible. In one specific case, experts recommended AAHEA should not engage in point by point refutations of misinformation as this often prolongs scathing internet attacks (flames). However, in one case, bloggers persisted for two years in producing content we viewed as slanderous, so AAHEA initiated legal action. A lawsuit with an education discussion group site was resolved in our favour. In settlement the site was required to remove the misinformation, apologise and pay a substantial settlement to repair the damage to AAHEA from their inaccurate claims. It is now the policy of AAHEA to aggressively sue any entity that slanders or otherwise impugns AAHEA in an unfounded manner. While we support the principle of open discussion, and the airing of different perspectives, we have to draw the line at outright slander and purposeful mistruth, designed to harm or destroy an organization’s reputation. 

AAHEA has been successful in more than one instance collecting monetary compensation for damages.

It is quite apparent that AAHEA is operating under the same corporation effective in 1969, as seen below...  Furthermore, AAHEA is also operating under the same IRS 501-C3, as well as the same government registrations.

AAHEA Corporation Certification from Department of State of Florida


Certificate of Status Verification


Document Number N08000001761
State of Inc FL
Filing Date 22 AUGUST 2018
Document Type Florida Not For Profit Corporation
Document Status ACTIVE
Effective Date 03 MARCH 1969
Last Annual Report Date 22 AUGUST 2018
Last Annual Report Year 2018