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Would you like to support the AAHEA?

By doing so you will be a patron of providing educational programs in the following areas:

Healthcare: We are formulating potential offerings in the following areas: cutting edge information booklets for the layman in: substance abuse, steroid abuse, mental health risks of internet abuses, obesity, and diseases like MS and high-blood pressure.

History and Philosophy: Dynamic offerings in monotheistic ethics, 70 years since Kristalnacht (beginning of Holocaust), and impacts and influences from Spanish Inquisition in Latin America.

Plus in the works: Online art-shows, Africa safari trips, and group benefits in travel and credit. Learning Course of the month contest.

Others: As well as many other great educational programs and projects made possible only by your generous donations.

Academics, professors, PhD’s: Support your dedicated academic association: The AAHEA

Sponsor opportunities:

  • Sponsor: $10
  • Patron: $25
  • Supporter: $50
  • Regal Supporter: $100
  • Silver Supporter: $250
  • Gold Supporter: $500
  • Diamond Patron: $750
  • Gold Patron: $1,000
  • Platinum Patron: $2,500
  • Master Benefactor: $5,000
  • Diamond Benefactor: $7,500
  • Gold Benefactor: $10,000
  • Platinum Benefactor: $15,000
  • Founding Benefactor: $20,000
  • Master Founder: $25,000
  • Chair Endower: $50,000
  • Gold Chair Endower: $100,000
  • Platinum Chair Endower: $250,000
  • Learning Premier Dedicator (with naming rights for entire learning program): 500,000
  • Honorary Presidency of AAHEA with name rights to be appended to AAHEA’s name (AAHEA is the oldest higher education association in the US, founded in 1870: $1,000,000

Thank you.

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