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AAHEA Platform in 2010

Our platform in 2009 was on the problem of bullying in school and the impact it has on the lives of our children. We support http://www.connectwithkids.com, an organization dedicated to stamping our bullies in schools.

In 2010 we will still work on the problem of school bullies but we will be focusing in on Parent/Teacher certification across the US. This concept is long overdue and it will greatly improve the ability of the home schooled child to receive a good education and have a transcript to present when ready for college.

Our focus this year will be on bringing all of our resources to bear in addressing these problems in our schools across this country. Come join with us in this fight, there is so much at stake.

Your input is greatly appreciated. 

AAHEA Goals for 2012-16

...Will be shared soon...