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The American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation (AAHEA) has maintained an address and/or presence in Washington, DC since 1969. AAHEA has offices in Florida and its main office is in the Central Midwest. We are one the oldest associations in the United States dedicated to the advancement of higher education. We aspire to be the organization that best enables all individuals, institutions, and stakeholders in higher education to learn, organize for learning, and contribute to the common good.

We provide accreditation to more than 20 disciplines for the common good of higher education. To bring the standards of education to a new high, to help all of mankind to be greater than once thought possible.

AAHEA is an independent, membership-based, non-profit organization dedicated to building human capital for higher education. AAHEA is the source of choice for information about higher education on issues that matter in a democratic multi-racial society; and AAHEA promotes and disseminates examples of effective educational practice to address those issues. AAHEA members are an international talent pool willing and ready to share their expertise with colleagues in higher education, policymakers, media professionals, and the public at large.

Our unique service has established our place in this field. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact on education.

Organizational Background / Description

Administrators, students, trustees, faculty, public officials, and interested individuals from all segments of post secondary education. AAHEA seeks to clarify and resolve critical issues in post secondary education through conferences, publications, and special projects.

AAHEA provides programmatic and intellectual leadership in higher education. Its members are faculty, administrators, and students who step beyond their own academic specialties to develop programs and practices that are most effective at improving teaching and learning. Through its members, AAHEA promotes effective change at the campus, state, and national level Information Literacy Goals, Areas of Interest, Publications, Standards, etc.