Staff & Directors

Meet some of our directors

  • Dr. Gomez, MD Honorary President
  • Dr. Ken Rabac, International Director
  • Dr. Barnhart, Chief Consultant
  • Dr. Campbell, VP of Accreditation
  • Dr. Mohamed G. Kafafy
  • Dr. Fred DiUlus
  • Dr. William Sirman, Director of Theological Studies
  • Dr. Hendrickson, Ed.D
  • Prof. Charles Williams
  • Prof. D. Jain, Ph.D.
  • Prof. Lindgren, Ed.D.
  • Melissa Moyer
  • Suhail Jarroush
  • Treva Campbell
  • William Sutton

Religious Accreditation and Development Team Members

  • Dr. Victor D. Rivera-Carrion
  • Dr. Jose L. Rivera-Montalvo


  • Treva Campbell, Executive Business Manager
  • Robert Kohley, Office Manager
  • Frances Ducharme
  • Meryl Mayer, Director of Library Services & Publications
  • Ms. Kleppinger
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